Invidia Front Pipe w/High Flow Cat BRZ & Toyota 86 12-21, 22+ (6MT)

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Invidia Front Pipe w/High Flow Cat BRZ & Toyota 86 12-21, 22+ (6MT)

***Suits manual transmission only ***

The factory exhaust will always have restrictions and these restrictions are normally highest near where the catalytic converter is found. Invidia Exhausts use a larger pipe diameter and smooth bends which allows exhaust gases to pass with fewer restrictions and turbulence. A High-Flow catalytic converter is then utilised to still control emissions for street driving legalities but with minimal impact to exhaust flow. In some cases Invidia will also offer catless versions for off-road use where every ounce of performance is required. 

Because of these reasons, Invidia front pipes and cat pipes make for the most popular exhaust upgrade that adds a substantial bump in both horsepower and torque.

To withstand the high temperatures laser cut cast steel flanges are used to ensure long lasting leak free reliability. This is a 100% bolt on installation for right-hand drive vehicles with no modifications or changes required.  Factory O2 sensor locations are also retained where required to ensure compatibility with factory systems.