Mishimoto Carbon Fibre Oil Catch Can Universal

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Mishimoto Carbon Fibre Oil Catch Can Universal

Separates oil particles from PCV/CCV air

Defends intercooler, intake system, and essential components from oil blow-by

Made from lightweight carbon fibre

Compact design makes for easy engine bay placement

Checking fluid levels made easy with built in sight tube

Comes complete with mounting bracket, hose, all necessary clamps, fittings, and mounting hardware


Mishimoto has developed a carbon fibre oil catch can to make sure you're getting the most out of your performance parts. Over time harmful oil will build up inside the turbocharger, intake manifold, intercooler, and piping. A Mishimoto Carbon Fibre Oil Catch Can prevents this from happening while its sleek carbon fibre exterior adds a touch of style to your engine bay.

An oil catch can serves other important purposes as well. It prevents oil from getting into pressurized turbo plumbing, which can lead to couplers coming off under boost. Oil vapors can get into the intake system, which will lower combustion temperatures and reduce overall efficiency. A Mishimoto Carbon Fibre Oil Catch Can solves all these problems and gives you the added security of knowing that your performance parts are safe from harmful oil.

This oil catch can, as with every Mishimoto catch can, comes with the unparalleled Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty.

Our catch cans are different from most air-oil-separator (AOS) systems on a few levels. First, our catch cans are not heated. This means that all of the blow-by is able to condense in the can, including low-octane oil vapors and contaminated fuel vapors. Most AOS systems also drain the blow-by back into the oil pan, while our catch cans trap the blow-by and keep it out of the engine permanently. If you’ve seen what we’ve seen in the bottom of our catch cans, you won’t want that draining back into your oil either.


Material Carbon Fibre
Overall Height 152.4 mm
Overall Diameter 76.2 mm
Inlet 5/8"-18
Outlet 5/8"-18
Drain Plug Thread Size M12 x 1.5
Capacity 473 ml

Purchase Includes

  • 1 Carbon Fibre Oil Catch Can
  • 4 O-Ring Clamps
  • Mounting Bracket and Hardware
  • Hoses and Hardware