Wynn's Stop Noise 325ml

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Wynn's Stop Noise 325ml
Wynn's Stop Noise 325ml
Help reduce engine noise and maintain your engines hydraulic lifters with Wynn’s Engine Stop Noise. Formulated to clean and protect noisy and sticking lifters Wynn’s Engine Stop Noise will safely soften and remove contaminates, clearing out oil galleys and allowing hydraulic lifters to operate correctly. Once removed, Wynn’s Engine Stop Noise will maintain engine oil and prevent further build-up of sludge and deposits. Wynn’s Engine Stop Noise is suitable for use with all petrol, diesel and LPG engines and is safe to mix with all oil types including mineral, semi-synthetic and full synthetic blends.

  • Cleans and quietens noisy lifters and tappets
  • Provides increased friction wear protection
  • Keeps engine clean and prevents sludge and deposit formation
  • Suitable for use in petrol, diesel & LPG engines, safe for catalytic converters & DPF's
  • Compatible with all oil types including mineral, semi and full synthetic