SJ1000 3.0

SJ1000 3.0 Reveals the all SJ1000HP Subaru in its new livery and wider body!

Defy Productions

This is S&J Automotive 

S&J Automotive was established in 1995 and has evolved into a specialist Subaru & EVO Performance & Service Centre. Using only Genuine Subaru Parts and a carefully chosen selection of Aftermarket Performance bred products.

Bosch Motorsport Australia

22B, EVO, SJ1000, RB M3, GTR the list goes on..
Take a look at this new film for Bosch Motorsport Australia we’re proud to be a part of!

One of the best feelings in the world.

Whatever your car. Whatever your track.

SJ1000 Mount Gambier Win 2020

Epic winning run from the SJ 1000 at The Legend Of The Lakes Hillclimb weekend!

S & J Automotive
Bosch Motorsport Australia

ECUTEK Race-Rom 

Learn a little more about EcuTek Race-Rom Feature set for your Subie! 

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