Armorall Microfibre 2 In 1 Wash Mitt

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Armorall Microfibre 2 In 1 Wash Mitt
Armorall Microfibre 2 In 1 Wash Mitt
  • Double-sided for versatile cleaning
  • Cleans & lifts rather than pushing dirt & moisture around
  • Minimises scratches and swirl marks
  • One-size-fits-all mitt with elastic cuff

Armor All have devised a handy solution to the problem of requiring different cloths throughout the cleaning process: combine them into one easy-to-use mitt that answers multiple needs. With long microfibre noodles on one side and a microfibre mesh on the other, you can seemlessly switch between gently mopping away moisture with the noodles and breaking down stubborn grime with the mesh.

In both cases, the microfibre technology woven into the fabric will be gently lifting dirt and moisture, unlike regular fabrics which create scratches by only being able to push dirt around the car's surface. Once completed – and to remove the impressive amount of dirt and moisture the cloth can absorb – simply wash the Microfibre Wash Mitt in hot water and leave to drip dry. To preserve the microfibre's performance over time take care to avoid using bleach/fabric softener, and do not tumble dry.