Dixcel Type Z Rear Brake Pad Brembo STI

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Dixcel Type Z Rear Brake Pad Brembo STI
Dixcel Type Z Rear Brake Pad Brembo STI
Dixcel Type Z Rear Brake Pad Brembo STI
Dixcel Type Z Rear Brake Pad Brembo STI

All Round Performance Pad.


  • Being an multi-use brake pad, the Z-type can be for street-use to circuit-use.
  • Consistent braking even when the brakes are cold, something that is a must for street-use brake pads. Also helps for a longer discs life.
  • Stable braking power and high fade resistance even at high brake temperatures of race circuit usage.
  • Perfect for high performance radial tires

Today, there is a wide range of demands for sport brake pads. Many drivers are choosing brake pads that offer optimal performance on the street and race circuit. The demand is for a brake pad that is usually used on the street and can be occasionally used at the race circuit. These drivers are using high performance radial tires not the racing tires the frequent race circuit drivers use. If racing brake pads are used, it may not provide the optimal temperature range, decrease disc life, and unable to provide the right balance between tire grip and brake performance.

The development concept of the Z-type brake pad is a high performance brake pad for street-use. For the testing, cars like Subaru Impreza WRX, Mitsubishi Lancer EVO, BMW M3, and Porsche Cayman S were used with high performance radial tires. The pads went through extended road trials on the street followed by rigorous testing on the race circuit.
On the street, the brake pads were able to offer consistent brake feel even at low temperatures, and achieved low brake noise and longer disc life. On the race circuit, there was no decrease in braking power, and offered superior stopping power.

The DIXCEL Z-type is for users who want race-circuit quality brake pads without having to sacrifice regular street-use performance.

The sport brake pad you can use for regular street-use - This brake pad was developed as an answer to such demands.


  • Friction Materials: Graphite metallic
  • Effective Temperature Range: 0~850°C
  • Applicable Stages: Fast road, Circuit, Drift, Auto-cross, Dirt trial


  •     01-17 STI (Brembo)
  •     07-09 Liberty GT STI (Brembo)
  •     17-19 BRZ TS (Brembo)

Please confirm pad shape by comparing existing pad against the blueprint in the second photo.