HKS Oil Cooler Kit BRZ/86 2016+

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HKS Oil Cooler Kit BRZ/86 2016+
HKS Oil Cooler Kit BRZ/86 2016+
HKS Oil Cooler Kit BRZ/86 2016+
HKS Oil Cooler Kit BRZ/86 2016+

An Oil Cooler Kit from HKS will help keep the temperature of your engine oil down even on powerful tuned cars being driven hard.

While your car does have a cooling system, this is designed for an engine with standard power output being driven on the road in a relatively calm fashion. As soon as you're taking a car on track, tuning an engine for big power, or driving especially hard, you can see engine oil temperatures start to creep up.

This is bad because above a certain temperature engine oil starts to break down.

A HKS Oil-Cooler adds an external radiator through which the oil passes and is cooled much more effectively than by the stock system.

The kits come with a thermostat. Just as you don't want oil to be too hot, it also needs to reach a certain temperature to protect the engine properly. Adding a thermostat to the system stops the oil from being circulated through the cooler until it's reached the proper temperature ensuring the engine is protected when cold as well as hot. This is perfect for road usage where an engine can take quite some time to reach temperature.

Kits labelled as "Sandwich Plate" use a sandwich plate type connector.

Kits labelled as "Oil Filter Relocation" relocate the oil filter away from the standard location for clearance reasons.

Many of the kits are supplied with an air guide intended to channel air onto the cooler, even at angles off-centre (important for drivers collecting flies on their side windows). This will be indicated in the item subtitle.

08/16 Onwards Built BRZ/86