Roger Clark Motorsports High Performance Race Oil Filter

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Roger Clark Motorsports High Performance Race Oil Filter

Whilst on the face of it many of us have to admit that simple products such as an oil filter don’t set our pulses racing but it is at this point where we need to step back and realise the true importance of this relatively simple component.

Your engine cannot survive without its lifeblood, the oil. The oil as we know lubricates, protects and coats all of the precious engine components ensuring they operate smoothly and at the correct temperature. With a poor quality oil, low oil level, or worse, no oil at all, the internal components of the engine would reach a temperature where they would no longer operate as intended and ultimately fail  (sometimes in a catastrophic manor). Other circumstances of failure relating to engine oil can be found when small particles of debris or swarf are allowed to flow freely through your engine. These particles of dirt, debris or swarf can prematurely wear out and damage numerous engine components which in turn will ultimately lead to engine failure. Contamination of the oil can come from general engine wear and tear, as well as an excess build-up of carbon deposits.

Keeping the above in mind we can move onto the oil filter, the single component solely responsible for ensuring that the engine oil is kept in a clean and useable condition. Although such a basic component its job is vital when maintaining reliability for mechanical components. Should the filter not do its job efficiently then ultimately your engine is at risk.

Over the years there has been various manufacturers producing oil filters suitable for the Subaru Impreza, some have been very successful whilst others very poor but here at RCM we decided to take every ounce of knowledge we have gained over the last twenty two years and design a filter solely for use with high performance Subaru engines.

    Height Overall 65.00 mm
    Seal Diameter 63.00 mm
    Seam Diameter 69.50 mm
    Thread MX20 x 1.5