ULX110 Running In Oil SAE30 5L

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ULX110 Running In Oil SAE30 5L


ULX110 is the finest quality Petroleum Motor Oil money can buy. This outstanding motor oil is engineered from top quality solvent neutral base stocks with special additive package nor found in commercially available motor oils.

ULX110 Running In Oil is a high quality mineral oil formulated to provide maximum protection to highly stressed valve gear and associated components while allowing proper bedding of piston rings.

ULX110 Running In Oil should be used as a first fill motor oil for limited use (usually 1000km) after which it should be replaced with the appropriate grade of ULX110 motor oil.


ULX110 Running In Oil is recommended for use in all internal combustion engines including gasoline, L.P.G. and natural gas engines, supercharged, turbocharged or naturally aspirated engines.

Performance Characteristics: 

This product is designed to insure optimum performance in a wide variety of mixed fleet equipment under the most adverse operating conditions.

  • Meets API service classifications SF/CC 
Typical Specifications: 30W
API Gravity 28.9
Viscosity cST @ 40C: 92.8
Viscosity cSt @ 100C: 12.4
Viscosity Index: 128
Pour Point C: -50
Flash Point C: 270
Sulphated Ash, WT%: 1.00

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