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      From the very beginning of their career, They've learnt that it’s amazing where tinkering can take you.

      They've been engineering for 35 years, including 10 years manufacturing components for the automotive market including Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM). They've been determined to push the limits of high performance engines since they were tinkering with their Mini Cooper S in the ‘80s.

      When they bought their WRX in 1997, They decided to step it up a knotch and get serious. At first, they bought components ‘off the shelf’. Most of these were expensive and imported. Indeed, this was true for the Australian-made ones too. Nothing, however, came even close to the quality they knew they should be, as they were made of inferior materials and of generally poor workmanship, and did not give them the performance gains they was looking for.

      They started designing, testing and developing “GO FAST BITS”, a range of innovative and high-quality blow-off valves, boost controllers, pulley kits and short shifters. These products, unlike what was previously available, were meticulously designed and manufactured from the highest grade materials, working the way they were designed to.

      Performance should not be about compromise – parts should fit correctly and deliver real performance outcomes, without making the car difficult to live with on a daily basis. GFB now has three qualified engineers (mechanical and mechatronic), and a team of dedicated enthusistic & passionate individuals who make the GFB name what it is today.

      “GO FAST BITS” products are Proudly Australian, made in accordance with the ISO 9001 quality management system. Constantly we’re developing new, and innovative products.

      Keep an eye on the website for the latest of GFB’s innovations.

      John Adrian, Chief Engineer.

      47 products

      47 products